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How Convenience Stores Can Keep Up With Fast Changing Consumer Buying Behaviors

With the world changing at an extraordinary pace, convenience store owners are having trouble finding a moment to keep up with fast-changing consumer buying behaviors driven by social distancing like curbside pickup, delivery, takeout, touchless and more.

With the onset of COVID-19, convenience stores have discovered their current equipment and technology may not be enough. New, mobile technology will be instrumental in allowing convenience stores to shift to mobile payment applications, self-checkout, mobile checkout, and mobile pay at the pump.

Some well-known convenience stores are collaborating with third-party platforms to quickly scale home delivery and e-commerce services to their shoppers. In parallel, many retailers have identified the need to adapt their equipment and services to keep up with new COVID-19 sanitation standards and reduce interactions with customers, including touchless equipment and hands-free technology.

Listed below are suggested actions to help address the latest consumer trends, sourced from FER Magazine (June 2020):

1. “Show store sanitation. Look for safety shields in new places, including POS stations. And offer more upscale hand-sanitizing stations.1

2. “Contactless is the new frictionless. Expect more touchless equipment, from hand sinks to beverage dispensers.1

3. “Reducing costs through energy efficiency. Yes, energy efficiency is not truly a trend when it comes to equipment but plan on seeing operators focus on it to reduce utility costs.1

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4. “Connectivity. Manufacturers offer total kitchen management systems that feed into one platform and monitor all kinds of data. On a smaller scale, single equipment pieces too can also report data.1

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5. “Labor-saving equipment. Self-cleaning equipment, prep systems, robots and digital interfaces that store recipes are a few examples.1

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6. Off-premise. Plan on new releases that support off-premise orders. Recent advancements include heated holding shelves and a sealing machine for beverages.1

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