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Silver King’s Latest Launch: Silver King Vanguard

Introducing Silver King’s newest full line of commercial refrigeration solutions, the Silver King Vanguard portfolio.  

“With almost seven decades in the industry, Silver King knows what it takes to make restaurants more efficient and profitable.”

Highest Quality Inside and Out:

Starting with the exterior, the new line features redesigned mirage venting, a visually appealing new air vent pattern, coved corners, and finished edges for easy cleaning. Made with high quality material to improve component durability and reliability, Silver King Vanguard is built to withstand the harshest conditions and meet temperature standards. Similarly, the new rugged controller assembly, an enclosure that protects wires and controller, improves protection and reliability. Further, inside each Silver King Vanguard unit there are new color-coded painted tubes and wires, which makes it easier for technicians to identify and repair. 

“Each Silver King Vanguard unit is backed by a new three-year warranty and comes with world-class technical support of MarmonLink.”

R290 Compliant for Peace of Mind:

All Silver King Vanguard units will operate with the EPA recommended R290 refrigerant, an environmentally friendly refrigerant with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 3, compared to refrigerants of the past R404a and R134a, whose GWP’s are 3922 and 1430 respectively. ​More efficient per pound, R290 is non-toxic, free of ozone depleting properties and will not be phased out.

Is Silver King’s Vanguard product line right for your business?

If you already own Silver King Equipment, need to replace or upgrade your current units, expanding to new locations, ​or need to meet corporate sustainability guidelines, our Silver King Vanguard product line makes near and long-term sense for your operation.

From display cases, prep tables, milk dispensers to fountainettes, the most successful operators outfit their kitchens with Silver King. ​Whatever product you choose, you can expect years of dependable performance.

With the launch of Silver King Vanguard, now, more than ever, Silver King is worth the investment.