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Cornelius CX: Maximizing Modern Technical Support

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At Cornelius, we are committed to supporting customers throughout the equipment life cycle.  While that commitment has not changed since our beginnings, the ways in which customers use technical support resources have.

The ability to access information via our devices, as well as the ability to research vast amounts of data quickly enables customers, service technicians, and Corneliusā€™s own technical support experts to diagnose and resolve issues like never before.

The DIY Approach

Empowered by smartphones and the internet, more and more people want to attempt the DIY approach first.  As long as a task can be performed safely, Cornelius supports this desire ā€“ and through a variety of means.  The resources section of our website is mobile ready and provides easy access to manuals, specification sheets, and other documents designed to help both the equipment owner and the repair technician.  One exciting innovation is the new Pocket Training tool developed for the Cornelius IDC Pro product line.  This dynamic web-based tool guides the user through installation, operation, troubleshooting, and even repairing the unit.

Enhanced Phone Support

Cornelius technical support phone lines operate from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM Central Time, Monday thru Friday.  To address support inquiries, our team relies on vast internal resources to support customers. In many cases, the unitā€™s serial number is critical to identifying the replacement parts required and in assessing the equipment issue.  For this reason, your technical support call has a greater chance of success if you know the following before calling:

  • The model number of the unit
  • The serial number of the unit

In addition, we ask for a valid email in order to send you service support documents and links during and after the call.

New Place in Queue Feature

We also want to highlight a new option in our phone system and encourage you to use it. You can now opt to have the system call you back when the next available technical support agent is ready. Callers are reporting that this allows them to focus on other tasks without having to wait on hold, thus allowing store managers to get back to focusing on customers and service technicians to engage with and inform store personnel.

Continuous Improvement for the Future

During your call with Cornelius technical support, you will be asked additional questions, which are new and may even seem unrelated to the issue at hand.  Please know your answers are vital to the third trend in modern support ā€“ continuous improvement.

Cornelius is committed to developing new, innovative products along with continuously improving the trusted equipment models in use today.

Ultimately, by sharing your experience with Cornelius technical support, you can help guide our engineering teams towards new and improved product solutions.  Your comments and ideas will drive the Cornelius of the future.