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Introducing Cornelius Viper Elite Remote

The Cornelius® Viper Elite Frozen Carbonated Beverage Dispenser lets you heat up your profits and meet your customers’ impulse to purchase refreshing, bright, carbonated, beverages with the promise of high margins and bullet proof reliability. In order to meet the needs of high-volume operations, Viper has a powerful refrigeration system that provides its high capacity, which can generate a lot of heat. Often an HVAC system can work hard to remove that heat. Cornelius® introduces a way to take advantage of the high-volume reliable capacity of Viper Elite™, while reducing interior heat load on your HVAC system. We call it, Viper Remote Elite™.

Is Viper Elite Remote Right For Your Business? If you’ve always utilized remote condensing and need to replace your current unit, you’re expanding into new locations, or need to meet corporate sustainability guidelines, Viper Elite Remote makes near and long-term sense for your operation. The condenser and fan traditionally found on top of the viper equipment is placed remotely on the roof or outside of the store, so the heat is ejected from the building without adding any load to the HVAC system. Installation requires the same considerations surrounding any application of remote condensing in other areas of your operations.

How Does Viper Elite Remote Help Your Business? A very tangible benefit of the remote condenser is immediately apparent with the reduction in heat load inside your retail space. For example, at 60 drinks per hour, that can mean over 8,000 BTU/hr. That makes a big difference to your customers and staff when it comes to noise levels and their physical comfort. The more Vipers you have utilizing remote condensers the higher the heat load reduction. Savings on electrical costs can make a huge difference to your business expenses, you’ll see energy savings and will be able to design with smaller HVAC Systems saving in capital expenditures as well. We can help you determine the calculations necessary to see what Viper Remote can mean for your bottom line. More broadly, Viper Remote helps you address corporate sustainability goals as well. The savings in electricity mean that you can reduce greenhouse gases by dozens of pounds per day when combined with other efforts it can go a long way in reducing your carbon footprint. All this and our remote condensing system is designed and built with the same care as our Viper dispensers, delivering top notch quality that is proven to be 99.75% defect free. After more than 50 years of dispensing frozen carbonated beverages, Cornelius® has tremendous insight into adding FCB’s to your line up and how it can drive incremental drink purchases and consistently deliver ultra-profitable quality drinks, pour after pour. To learn more about the Cornelius® Viper Elite Remote click here.