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Solo Dining: Breaking the Stigma 

Recently, the restaurant industry has had an influx in the amount of people who dine solo. The foodservice industry has an opportunity to capitalize on this trend and broaden their audience. There is a wide customer base of solo diners to be explored, ranging from travelers on luxury vacations, people traveling for work, and community locals. These customers are looking for specific restaurants to meet their distinct needs.  

Why would a customer want to dine alone? 

Dining solo allows for an individual to be present, alone by themselves and able to explore their own thoughts. This can be seen as a form of self-care or reward for a customer to be able to experience luxurious dining by themselves. It is also a way for individuals to break the social stigma that is associated with dining by oneself rather than a large group. 

Why should your restaurant follow the trend? 

Easier overall. Accepting solo diners allows for smaller orders resulting in faster kitchen output, a simpler dining arrangement, and less food waste. This makes restaurant operations facilitated easier and more efficiently.  

Length of stay. Solo diners tend to stay at a restaurant longer than a larger group of people, resulting in increased orders and profit growth at the restaurant. 

Larger range of customers. By accommodating solo diners, clientele like locals and workers that enjoy eating alone can expand your horizons with customers, allowing you access to a whole new customer base that turns in profit.  

To be able to attract solo diners, make sure you implement these key target actions into your restaurant: 

  • Make spaces aesthetically pleasing 
  • Include different portion sizes 
  • Plan events for solo diners 
  • Social media campaigns  

We can assist you with all your solo dining needs. Our extensive catalog of brands at Marmon Foodservice Technologies can aid you when attempting to cater towards solo diners. The versatility and flexibility of all our products can allow you to solve any problem a solo diner would have and oblige their individualized needs. Overall, make sure to support solo diners by utilizing our advanced technology.